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Arnott's Tim Tam Double Coat Biscuits 200g

Arnott's Tim Tam Double Coat Biscuits 200g


Tim Tam is Australia's favorite chocolate biscuit. Around 35 million packs are sold each year - that's nearly 400 million biscuits. There are seven delicious varieties of Tim Tam biscuits: Original, Tim Tam Chewy Caramel, Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam Dark, Tim Tam Black Forest Fantasy, Tim Tam Creamy Truffle Temptation and Tim Tam Latte. Tim Tam biscuits first hit supermarket shelves in 1964. The chocolate used to make Tim Tam biscuits have been specially developed by Arnott's to give a slightly caramel taste. The cream flavor is a delicate mixture of vanilla, butter and chocolate that complements the biscuit base and the chocolate. It's this unique cream which sets Tim Tam apart from any other chocolate biscuit.
  • One of Australia's iconic brands.
  • Goes great with that morning coffee.
  • Irresistable dark chocolate biscuit.