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2 X Dynamiclear Cold Sore Formula Twin Pack (Rapid)

2 X Dynamiclear Cold Sore Formula Twin Pack (Rapid)


2 x Dynamiclear Cold Sore Formula Twin Pack ( RAPID ) ( 4 Treatments in Total ) Works in One Application: * Faster Recovery and Healing * Unique Hygenic Applicator * Built-in Moisturiser * Dynamiclear Rapid's clinically tested formula only requires One Application to assist in relieving the symptoms of a cold sore break out. Dynamiclear Rapid has a unique difference no other cold sore treatment on the market has – it is a single application treatment. It is easy, simple, convenient... as well as highly effective. One correct application of Dynamiclear Rapid is all that is required to resolve symptoms of an outbreak, and the whole treatment can be completed in under 30 seconds. Dynamiclear Rapid has been clinically proven to reduce healing time and symptoms including pain and burning with a single application. Add to this Dynamiclear Rapid's breakthrough new delivery system which allows you to apply the solution cleanly in a convenient manner and then simply dispose of it after a single use. A revolution in Cold Sore management. Ingredients: Each gram of liquid gel contains: Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: 64mg/g Hypericum perforatum flower extract liquid (1:2) 500mcg/g Equiv: Hypericum perforatum flower dry 250mcg/g, Calendula officinalis flower extract liquid (1:2) 500mcg/g Equiv: Calendula officinalis flower dry 250mcg/g. How to Correctly Apply Dynamiclear: * Insert cotton tip into the Dynamiclear vial. * Push cotton tip into the liquid. * Place the cotton tip on the infected area and slide up the vial * Apply pressure to the infected area thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds * Dispose of hygienically * Keep dry & allow time to heal withour disturbance Dynamiclear is proudly made in Australia, manufactured in a GMP facility to international standards and listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. It is free from parabens, preservatives, artificial additives, contains no animal products, and is not tested on animals. Made in Australia

  • 2 x Dynamiclear Cold Sore Formula Twin Pack ( RAPID ) ( 4 Treatments in Total )